• Steven Davis

Excited for 2022 Season

So much has changed and we have all faced many challenges, trials and tribulations this past year. As we move into this year trying hard to honor our Captain and founder, Steven Davis, we move forward with the dream he created with the same hard work and dedication. That dream was to share his love for fishing to all who wanted the thrill of catching their first fish or 100th fish. It is our dream too. Right down from me, Christina Davis, to our Captains and mates. WE all share the same goal and vision. The greatest gift we can give you is the memory of that big smile on your son's face holding that big fish. Or giving your Dad his last fishing trip. Maybe it's taking your little girl out on a big boat for the first time or sharing the day with your new wife. No matter the memory, each one is priceless.

We hope you join us in creating lasting memories for him, for you and for us. May we all die living just as he did. Doing what we love and love what we are doing.

This year we have a few changes. We have 3 Captains and 3 Boats in the fleet this year.

Prices so far are the same despite rising cost. We are trying hard to keep prices affordable in a time where everything seems to cost double. We will collect 15% deposit on all trips (a change from last year). We offer booking online here at the site to make it easy for you!

Let's make this year AMAZING!!!

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